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It was 1987 and I had just moved to West Michigan.  

After quitting a job as an AE at a Lansing based agency I moved to Grand Rapids. Soon after that I answered an ad on a bulletin board at a local Meijer store placed by a graphic designer by the name of Brek Rosengen who was looking for someone to share design studio space with. Brek, who I started referring to as “Shampoo”,  became an inspiration and soon much of my days were spent “pounding the pavement” looking for design and advertising clients. The pavement pounding soon bore fruit and I was soon laboring over a drafting table, using rubylith film, xacto knives, rapidograph pens and lots of spray adhesive in “pasting up” print ad layouts. Twice a week I ordered type from a local typesetter and ran across town to pick it up.  The internet was in it’s infancy but my fax machine sure got a workout. I wore a jacket and tie almost every day. As my creative offerings began expanding the tools of the trade also expanded into lots of audio cassettes and Beta and VHS tapes for radio and TV production.

It’s now 30 years later.
The tools and the wardrobe may have changed but the goal remains the same. 

For these three decades that goal has been assisting retail, service businesses and non-profits with their identity development and to assist in their growth.  I can help you fine tune the image you want to project through a full spectrum of marketing materials. If you’re looking to expand the reach of your business message I can also assist in specific promotion planning and acting as your media contact. I know how to ask for the right person to get the best bang for your your buck. I can conceptualize a promotion or image campaign based on your specific needs, research the targeted market and carry it through the entire creative process to launch. Whether you’re looking for a full service advertising agency, a simple identity package or a new website- call me. All initial consultations are always at no charge.

John Fetter 616.560.8782

Make a special note of my page headers, either from 1987 or today. Can you tell which is which?  

For over 20 years John’s conceptual and design of numerous book covers and illustrations to individual web site elements has been a great asset to the overall marketing effort of our sales training systems. I highly recommend his creative services to any business looking to develop an impactful business identity.

Dave Kahle

The DaCo Corporation