Are you
"mobile ready"?


In 2015 mobile website pageviews surpassed desktop pageviews. If your site isn't mobile ready you're missing out on huge potential to increase your site ranking.

Is your website mobile ready? Go to Goggle's Mobile Ready Test Site to analyze your website. If your site IS NOT mobile ready you need to call Wolfmark!  


When it comes to your advertising and business image development you need "wolfmarkability"

Since 1987 Wolfmark has been assisting retail and service businesses with their business identities, advertising and general marketing. This assistance is provided by fine tuning business image projection, advertising planning, specific promotion planning and acting as your media contact. Wolfmark can conceptualize a promotion or image campaign based on your specific internal needs and target market. We can then carry it through the entire creative process. Whether you're looking for a service oriented advertising agency or a simple identity package- call us. All initial consultations are always at no charge.

Isn't it time you, your business or non-profit acquired Wolfmarkability? 
Here's some testimonials from some clients who have! Call John • 616.560.8782 

Your work adds a high level of professionalism to all our advertising pieces. You have a client for life! 

CRAIG WHITAKER | Craig's Pianos & Keyboards - Toledo, OH 

When I was notified by our graphic designer that she was leaving the project mid way through with nothing completed, I began to panic. Fortunately, John Fetter was able to step in and assured me that he would be able to finish the job not only on time but within budget! John delivered on his promises and produced a superior product. 

JOEL GARY | American Guild of Organists Grand Rapids Chapter - Grand Rapids, MI 

It's simple, without Wolfmark's expertise and planning over the last 18 years we wouldn't be in business.

KEN WIERENGA | West Michigan Piano - Grand Rapids, MI 

For 20 years John's conceptual and design of numerous book covers and illustrations to individual web site elements has been a great asset to the overall marketing effort of our sales training systems. I highly recommend his creative services to any business looking to develop an impactful business identity.

DAVE KAHLE | The DaCo Corporation - Grand Rapids, MI

Wow, you hit the design nail on the head first try, its absolutely perfect. I cant beleive you did it that quick

PATRICK BURK | Michigan Lighting Services - Grand Rapids, MI

John, One word regarding the ad and poster layout - Perfecto! It's because of work like this we keep coming back.

FRITZ TASCH | Grand Piano Haus - Chicago, IL