Now through November 30, 2017

add a 12 month SSL certificate to your site for just $72!*

*To be added first half of December and in addition to your regular domain and hosting fees 

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Don’t scare users away from your site!

In early 2017 the “i in the circle” symbol in your site’s locator bar started appearing- noting your site was not secure, meaning that it was just an old, traditional HTTP site; without the extra security step of an SSL certificate applied. Until recently this was only necessary on sites that asked for personal information or provided credit card functionality. However, with more and more extreme hacking going on, this symbol is a first step in browsers eventually requiring ALL websites to be secured. PLUS – the circle symbol will soon be replaced by the more drastic NOT SECURE. Obviously this carries the real potential of scaring users AWAY from your site!

PLUS, now from Google – website owners are being encouraged to apply SSL technology to their site to protect their customers and potentially receive a favorable Google ranking. See this link.

This means that besides protecting the security of your site adding SSL to your site can increase your page ranking! Call me.  John Fetter 616.560.8782

When I was notified by our graphic designer that she was leaving the project mid way through with nothing completed, I began to panic. Fortunately, John Fetter was able to step in and assured me that he would be able to finish the job not only on time but within budget! John delivered on his promises and produced a superior product. 

Joel Gary

American Guild of Organists