Rates & Policies

Rates & Policies

Wolfmark Hourly Task & Creative Rates:

Copywriting- copywriting for print or broadcast  $72.00
Copywriting- retainer copywriting for print or broadcast  $60.00

Creative/Layout- non retainer $96.00
Creative/Layout- retainer $84.00
Creative/Layout-non profit $72.00
Directing of video or audio $84.00 
Meetings/Misc Time/Phone Conf. $60.00
Research time- mkt. research, media contact All non-retainer clients $54.00
Research time- (same as above)  retainer $0.00
Social /Facebook posting $84.00
Web Development $84.00
Web Developement- non profit $72.00
Web Development – non profit Arts $60.00 (updated July 2019 – $72.00)
Web Development / Maintenance -ongoing maintenance & editing $84.00
Web Development- retainer $72.00 (updated July 2019 – $84.00)
Web SEO maintenance/ Search engine optimization / Pay per click Google advertising campaign setup $72.00

1. Payment Terms. Payment is generally noted on a Net 30 day basis with full payment expected within a 30 days of the date of invoicing. All invoicing is broken into a per minute time accounting system with invoices generated through an email biling system- and generated monthly for ongoing clients or within 4 days of the completion of individual projects. Projects with unpaid balances between 30 and 60 days will be placed on a “low priority” status and ongoing project work may take a lower priority position in periods of heavy work flow. Unfortunately, we can no longer provide services with clients with amounts past 60 days. Please be advised that Wolfmark Adwerks will be aggressive in collection of balances past 90 days.  Also, if the work is web related accounts past 60 days could experience elimination of any and all creative or development on your website for work completed under the past due invoice(s). Also, if your site resides on or is pointed to our server your domain name could be removed from the server entirely.

2. Web Server. If your creative project is a website develoment project your site will be first developed live within a Content Management System template. After completion and final client approval all task time will be noted for invoicing. You can retain your own hosting or we can move your domain to our hosting server with proper login information provided.  Hosting rates (within a specified site size) on the Wolfmark server normally runs $5.00 monthly- or $60 annually. (SSL sites or those with e-commerce functions or other special functions may incur added cost). Web hosting within the Wolfmark server will be billed for the upcoming annual period. Clients are provided a one month “grace period” of hosting to coincide with the noted Payment Terms. PLEASE NOTE! Non-payment of hosting costs incurred through the Wolfmark server outside of the grace period may result in the site being automatically removed from the server after 60 days of the actual hosting renewal date.  For this reason it is important that web development projects and hosting charges be paid within 30 days of invoicing. (see Payment Terms above). Also, please be aware that these rates DO NOT include cost for your actual domain registration. These are billed seperately by your own domain provider. If your domain is set up through Wolfmark, through one of our domain providers, that cost will be itemized in the final project invoice.

3. Intellectual Copyright. As noted in the signature of our email. Wolfmark Adwerks and John Fetter reserves the right to all creative developed for specific clients until the project pertaining to that creatve is noted as Paid in Full. After that point the intellectual copyright is considered as shared between the client and Wolfmark Adwerks.

That intellectual copyright disclaimer as it appears in every email is noted as follows…
Advertising samples of past works and creative projects by Wolfmark Adwerks provided through hard copy, by electronic mail or through their website, including but not limited to print marketing materials, print advertisements, outdoor media, website development or broadcast scripts may be protected by intellectual property rights which are owned by Wolfmark Adwerks, or its customers who provide content for development of a specific project. To modify, loan, sell, distribute or create derivative works based on this content (either in whole or in part), unless you have been specifically told that you may do so by separate agreement by Wolfmark Adwerks, is strictly prohibited.  

Please note that even after a Paid in Full status is reached the loaning, sale, or other distribution to other individuals, businesses or non-profits within, or even outside of your specific business industry, is prohibited under law – unless otherwise agreed to, in writing, by both the client and Wolfmark Adwerks.

2. Service Rates. Through the years Wolfmark has offered special rates for clients who commit to a monthly retainer system. If you have questions regarding a possible retainer system for your working relationship with Wolfmark please feel free to contact us at 616.560.8782. Also, non-profits and charites can receive a lower creative rate. To receive these lower rates proof of your non-profit status will be required and kept on file.

Posted time accounting rates current as of January 1, 2014 (May change without notice)

3. Working by Proposal. Although the bulk of services provided by Wolfmark Adwerks is by ongoing time accounting rates many clients may request to be provided an actual proposal outlining costs for a special project. These can include design projects, multi-media promotion plans and website development. These types of projects are usually for first time clients and will normally be quoted with a 1/3 total of the estimate due at time of acceptance of the proposal.  The balance of the projected project cost will be due within the time frame as outlined by “payment terms”. Projects that have been initiated by proposal will still reflect actual, itemized time accounting in final invoicing. Credits or debits are then applied to bring the invoice within the range of the final proposed cost. The 1/3 deposit amount will be reflected in the final project invoice. Because of the nature of developing proposals Wolfmark reserves the right to a 10% estimate margin on all proposed projects.

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