Web Development

Web Development

Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.
Paul Cookson

It’s simple. You are your website-
and your website is you.

The style and feel and even the type of navigation of your website is a direct reflection of you business or non profit organization. Besides this, a priorty also needs to be placed on your web presence being as current as possible. That’s one reason myself, and most other designers, suggest re-evolving your site every 2-3 years to incorporate new design trends as well as technological advances in web developement. Plus, a fresh look, fresh content and added fucntioanlity will keep your customers interested and keep them coming back.

Besides original development and design ongoing maintenance is also critical to your website. Hackers and malware attacks are a constant threat to all websites and ongoing monitoring against these threats can’t be over-empasized.  PLUS major players like Google are now making it necessarry that all sites become “secured” with SSL encryption. Those sites that do NOT include SSL will be noted with a “Not Secure” warning in the domain line – thus potentially scaring users away!  Starting in 2018 all WordPress websites Wolfmark develops will include this all imoprtant encryption. 

Finally, NOT having a mobile friendly site in this day and age only helps your competition. If you’re site isn’t developed with responsive design, which adjusts to any device it’s viewed on, will surely send your potential customer to your competitor. All sites developed by Wolfmark are indeed mobile friendly.

For an initial, no-cost analysis of your web development project please call John at 616.560.8782.

It’s simple, without Wolfmark’s expertise and planning over the last 18 years we wouldn’t be in business.


Ken Wierenga

Owner, West Michigan Piano