Advertising is fundamentally persuasion and persuasion happens to be not a science, but an art.

William Bernbach

From conceptual logo design to four color brochures and catalogs to design for video titles and television advertising I’ve created it. Whether it’s part of an overall advertising campaign or a stand alone item I begin designing your marketing piece by first determining the final goal of that piece. We then determine the target market it is directed to.

I also put a priority on working within the client prescribed budget for each design project. If, in the course of design development, I determine a specific element would help increase impact of the specific piece I’ll consult with you first to determine any added cost ramifications that added element may have.

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:30 TV spot samples – just one element of developed multi media promotions 

When I was notified by our graphic designer that she was leaving the project mid way through with nothing completed, I began to panic. Fortunately, John Fetter was able to step in and assured me that he would be able to finish the job not only on time but within budget! John delivered on his promises and produced a superior product. 

Joel Gary

American Guild of Organists